ROOM London


ROOM London is a luxury furniture design brand that translates archived fashion prints and art onto modern furniture pieces.

Logo design

We approached the concept of the logo design based around "the room". We wanted to reflect the sharp corners of an interior space while giving the logo timeless look and feel. Flexbility, adaptability and longevity were the criteria to our design.

Colour palette

We came up with three different colour palette options, considering the more "neutral colour" brief. The chosen option features grey tones and shades, which provide a neutral backdrop to ROOM London bold, vibrant and colourful product offering. The darker chocolate colour offers warmth and contrast to the cooler greys but it still fits well within the modern, neutral vibe, allowing the brand colour palette to stand the test of time.

Presentation for pitching

We designed a presentation document which was used for pitching to designers, artists, partners and suppliers to communicate the concept of the ROOM London. As a result, the brand was able to successfully secure contracts and partnerships which helped the business to move in the next stage of their business plan.

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Business Cards & Stationery

Without having any visuals at that stage, we wanted to keep the design simple but also to communicate the brand mission clearly. Utilising the graphical print on the stationery, we used one of the secured archived prints for generating curiosity with maximum impact.

Social Media Plan

We develop monthly social media plan to communicate the brand strategy and its storytelling through visuals and copywriting, with the aim to build loyal audience and increase social following.


We are so happy to have STUDIO/ESTILA as part of our external team. Whether it's consultancy, design or a shoot, they're always delivering great results for us.

Laura Allnatt, founder and creative director, ROOM London