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Welcome to STUDIO/ESTILA library of free resources and guides. As brand storytelling is said to be the future tool of how brands connect with customers in all the noise, we want you to stay ahead of the game. From clarifying your brand story's emotional triggers, utilising your strengths to pitching your brand story to press and maximising your existing customer loyalty, these mini guides will open your mind to story possibilities you never knew you already have in front of you to draw from.


If you are an ambitious business owner with a creative mind who wants to clarify and maximise your story to grow revenue and expand your impact then these guides are for you. They are specifically written for small business owners, solopreneurs, designers, artists and lifestyle brands and design-led start-ups.

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Studio ESTILA Brand Story Guide

Brand Story Basics: Find your brand story

This workbook takes you through the 6-step brand story formula which will help you define your emotional triggers, revealing secrets of creating the most effective messaging for online, offline communication and marketing strategies. Click here to download
Studio ESTILA attracting new customer

Brand Story: Attracting new customers

This guide focuses on exploring 5 ideas for attracting new customers through your database of loyal customers. It focuses on making small changes in the way you communicate and encourages WOM (word of mouth), helping you generate more sales and growth. Click here to download.

Story Evolution: Competitive audit

Brand story is never stagnant, it needs to evolve and adapt to external and internal influences. This guide will show you how to shape your story in response to ever-changing, competitive business landscape. It focuses on how to analyse verbal, written and visual communication of your competitors, giving you clues to changing market conditions and consumer behaviour. Click here to download.

Get noticed: Pitching your brand story

This guide takes you through the basic requirements of what press and journalists are looking for in terms of story feature. After going through the guide, you'll understand the PR jargon and have a better idea what you need to create and set up in order to pitch to press effectively, increasing brand awareness and growth as a result. Click here to download.