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Who we are

STUDIO/ESTILA is a customer-centric marketing and design studio helping design brands unlock sales potentials and revenue channels.

We are a small team of strategic thinkers, storytellers, photographers, web developers and designers with decades of experience in the design industry and marketing. We are educators who stand by your side.

Our mission is simple: helping design brands gain more visibility and grow. We want to help you build loyal customer base who are your ambassadors and cheerleaders, and who understand your purpose and want to be part of your mission, vision and business journey.

Who we help

We love helping brands in creative and lifestyle industries. Among our clients we have a range of independent fashion, homeware and furniture brands, interior designers, building specialists, architects and artists.

Whoever we work with, for us it’s all about collaboration. We like to take our clients on a journey of new possibilities and opportunities. Consider us as your external team for creative, transformative and effective ideas. With us, you know where you stand, we say it how we see it. We push the boundaries and push for innovative and emotive concepts and strategies which your competitors are most likely overlooking. 

Our team

STUDIO/ESTILA team is led by husband and wife Paul and Karolina Barnes. While Paul’s background is in IT and technology, Karolina’s background is in retail, design and hospitality. They ran a couple of businesses together before Karolina’s life changing diagnosis led her to retraining as an interior designer and later starting the ESTILA platform with a mission to connect the design and art worlds.

Through working with brand founders and marketing teams she has developed a strategic storytelling formula which helps to shape the way brands communicate their stories. She regularly delivers workshops and speaks on the subject of storytelling in marketing, PR and sales at design-led trade shows and business events.

studio estila marketing studio for design brands


In marketing, connecting emotionally through stories is nothing new. What’s new, however, is the increasing importance and an urgent need for the way your brand communicates verbally and visually with customers that are right for you. It’s about sharing stories that your customers love and align themselves to. Stories that connect on emotion levels. Stories that convert fans into loyal customers.  


We know you have an exceptional product that no one else has. We want help you bring that in front of your customer and audience who will understand who you are and what you are trying to achieve long term. We believe that for a business to become a successful brand it needs to have a solid strategic plan and focus. It also needs to communicate and engage with customers consistently. Our approach is therefore customer-centric. Working with us, you explore new possibilities and opportunities for your business.


Working with STUDIO/ESTILA has opened many great opportunities for our brand. We have secured strategic high profile partnerships and collaborative projects which helped establish our brand’s reputation and trust in a highly competitive market.

Laura Allnatt, ROOME LONDON

STUDIO/ESTILA collaborative services are so important to a brand in terms of growth. It was fabulous to be able to have my pieces featured in Hettie’s photoshoot without having the sometimes crippling expenses that go hand and hand with photoshoots. This is an ideal service for start-ups but also very useful for more established brands that want to reach new demographics within the marketplace.

Kellie Daniels, SALOME DESIGNS

I worked with Karolina to unpack our brand and create a strategy and to clarify our communication and direction. I cannot recommend her enough for creative insight, and someone who is truly able to listen and distill many ideas into clarity. She has given me many tools to understand many areas of our business and we continue to gain knowledge through the community. An asset to the creative industry - work with them wherever you can you won't regret it!!



When design is executed well, it is a great vehicle to connect on human level. It taps in the psychology of human being that no other discipline does.

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