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Brand strategy bridges the gap between business strategy and customer experience. It is informed by an in-depth research, helping you to build solid foundations of your business. Our brand strategy services identify your unique brand positioning in the market as well as customer behaviour, boosting loyalty and building brand assets.

Using our proven methods and creative thinking, we work collaboratively with you and your team to build a brand that operates in blue oceans (where competitors are irrelevant), driving business growth.

When you’re unclear about who you are as a brand – why you exist, how you’re making the customer life better, and/or the world a better place, what you’re trying to achieve and what you stand for – your business will suffer.

Our brand strategy gives you the clarity you need. It’s the ultimate blueprint helping you communicate your brand story clearly and in a consistent and cohesive manner.

At STUDIO/ESTILA, every brand strategy project starts with a thorough research. We look inside of your business first – your story and values (why the company was started, what problems were identified, what solutions were missing in the market). Then, we look outside of the business into the market. We analyse your customer behaviour, what values they share with you and viewpoints they align with. We also research your competitors in depth to understand not only how different you are from them, but also we pick upon any signals and information we can learn from.

Data collected and analysed inform the brand’s core narrative and strategy, unique to your brand.

Brand strategy

Brand storytelling & positioning
Art direction
Styling & photography
Brand story consultancy & workshops


Visual identity & language
PR & editorial


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