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Get seen, maximise your online potential

The Internet is a very crowded place. For clients or customers to find your business, SEO can be one of the most cost-effective tools to help you. Without a well-optimised website, not only that you might be missing out on potential enquiries and sales leads, the lack of online visibility can also impact your brand’s reputation and customers’ trust.

But we get it. SEO is not for everyone. It can be very confusing and requires ongoing work and learning. While SEO often has the best ROI (return on investment), one needs to have a lot of patience (SEO is a long term game!), try different things, if data shows that improvement is needed, and you also need to stay on top of algorithm changes, SEO trends and technological progress.

Want to start taking SEO more seriously?



Some of the benefits include:

– Improved Google rankings

– More website traffic

– Increased sales

– More engagement

– Brand awareness & visibility

– Long term customer loyalty

SEO strategy

SEO is best applied as a long-term strategy. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant work and tweaking to improve and maintain your position. Search engines prioritise websites that they see as well-maintained, well-optimised and up-to-date.

If you stop your SEO activities, all your hard work will be undone and your rankings will eventually fall behind. And then, you’d have to start from scratch again.

For this reason our SEO packages are on a monthly basis to ensure that you are on track, hitting the targets which we define in your SEO strategy.

SEO packages

To ensure that your SEO strategy works well for your business, we offer these packages:

All packages include regular monitoring of your website, not only using our range of skills to improve your online presence, but also reacting to any site errors that may occur.

How we do SEO

Aside from our skills and knowledge, we also use SEO plugins and tools such as Rankmath and Yoast SEO.

SEO for new websites

When we design and build websites from scratch, we automatically apply the basic SEO fundamentals such as image optimisation and internal links, so your website has the solid foundations to build upon.

After the website goes live, we can set up certain features such as instant indexing, which ensures that your website gets seen by search engines and get ranked from day one.  

A monthly SEO package builds upon the SEO work we have done, and helps to achieve your SEO goals.

SEO audit for existing websites

If your website has a poor user experience or is littered with technical errors, search engines simply won’t include it in their search results. That’s the truth.

Our in-depth audit is designed to identify issues and areas for improvement, and provide suggestions and solutions to supercharge your marketing efforts.

We are, of course, on hand with implementation of our recommendations outlined in the SEO report.