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our guarantee of services and results by studio estila


We pride ourselves on delivering the best results for our clients; whether it is a small or big project. Here we share some of the results of our work which we can confidently guarantee*.

Improvement in SEO and online visibility

By continuously keeping up with the latest technology, SEO trends and algorithm changes, from our previous work with clients we can guarantee the following results:

  • At least 90% page and website speed (desktop and mobile)
  • At least 20% reduction in bounce rate
  • At least 40% increase in organic traffic
  • Green hosting badge (web hosting services)

Improvement in conversion rate

Using our brand storytelling technique and customer-centric approach, we can increase your website’s conversion rate by at least 10%.

Latest design features

In line with our ethos of creating customer-centric projects, we continuously keep updating our design skills and actively investigate and learn about latest design features.

Clarity in brand story, positioning and messaging

Staying relevant over time can be challenging especially for design brands. Whether you are an established brand or just starting out, if you are confused about who you are as a brand, why you exist and who your customer is, our brand story strategy guarantees the clarity needed for all your marketing and communication activities.

Money back guarantee

*If we don’t deliver on these results within the agreed timeline, we give you your money back. Terms & Conditions apply.

Looking for a website & marketing partner with the knowledge of the design & art industry to support your brand?

We love partnering with brands to design, develop, launch, support and grow Shopify or WooCommerce stores, which are built around their marketing and sales needs and ambitions. Talk to our team about your project.